• Everyone in a society has some basic functions to perform as influencing development is a joint task of the government and the governed, as well as organizations with parental responsibilities
  • The roles of THE TARGET AUDIENCE are so important that in situations where they are not able to perform efficiently and effectively, the society suffers tremendously. It is what they sow in terms of bringing the young ones up that they reap.
  • Proactive steps are required to reduce and control social ills and promote FAMILY VALUES
  • Our activities on TERRIFIC HEADLINES have been designed to further encourage men and women alike, with responsibility for the training of children and wards; and jointly manage the home,

People and organizations that have responsibilities for exercising parental functions have not lived up to expectations. This ugly development is part of social vices prevalent in the world today. One can say that the perpetration of social vices with impunity has become an obsession.  Given the increasing and alarming incidents of condemnable vices and unusual occurrences of broken homes, curable and incurable diseases, and acts that could cause all forms of violence,  there is a compelling need for intervention through a collaborative approach for people, particularly the growing ones, and people and institutions charged with mentoring and parental responsibilities to be guided to pay particular attention to the adoption of the right values, ethics, and morals in every facet of the society.  These unwholesome acts are so pervasive and their effects are so corrosive and anti-development that unless adequate attention is accorded the need to attack indecent acts, our society may soon witness an unmanageable upsurge in social vices and erosion of our common virtues handed down by our progenitors. And the right segment of the society that should be urgently educated to shun all these social ills is the youths. Everybody and insttutions/organizations charged with parental responsibilities have  great roles to play in collaborating to arrest ugly acts that could jeopardise the lives of the younger generation for the sake of the future of Nigeria, and even generations yet unborn.

JUSTIFICATION: This proposal is an aspect of our campaign for moral regeneration. It is also part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals & African Union 2063 AGENDA as UNESCO’S AGENDA designating Years 2015-2024 as UN Decade of People of African Descent. The project that is designed as a Strategic Plan is a rescue mission to transform and save our young ones from the influence of immorality and vices that used to be alien to our culture. The need for an urgent intervention is important in view of the fact that when a bad practice is continued over a period of time, it becomes the norm;  hence the need for proactive measures to shape the conducts of the young ones in their fortive years through adolecence. Even, older people who are supposed to be the moral compass are getting ‘’lost’’ in a haze of misdemeanors.  The cultural heritage and values that young people adopt are now Western. The impact on youths is now evident in dress styles, among others, with implications of changes in behaviour, morals and aspirations.

CAUSES & EFFECTS: There is hardly any observer who is not worried about the social environment and Western negativities on the upbringing of our youth; and corrosive influence on adults too, these days of Globalization, which makes social vices and ills not to have any borders. In large measures, the society shares the collective rot in the social systems. Parents no longer pay the desirable/adequate attention to the development of the child. Organizations that exist to build and shape character/personalities appear to be helpless; and are, in many cases, guilty of dereliction of duty.  In truth, the task of monitoring youth and societal development is the responsibility of all, including organizations and people charged with parental responsibilities. Available statistics reveal that 61 per cent of websites on the Internet are pornographic sites, which make them easily available to anyone.

TARGET AUDIENCE/STAKEHOLDERS Largely, the youths/younger generation are the main targets; but will be extended to the older people who are influence the younger generation. Yet, several institutional frameworks are in place, designed to wipe out the malaise that has affected the psyche of the people tremendously, and has negatively impacted on societal development. The target audience comprises the following:

  • Youths, particularly
  • Educational Institutions
  • Religious leaders and organizations
  • National Council of Women’s Societies
  • The Traditional Institution
  • Parents
  • Parents/Teachers Associations
  • Representatives of Civil Society Organizations
  • Representatives of the Nigeria Labour Congress
  • The Media

WHY EMPHASIS ON PREVENTIVE MEASURES: The effects of conflicts on the development of Africa have, to say the least, been devastating. A cursory look at the cost of some major wars in Africa indicates that it is foolhardy not to pay particular attention to preventive strategies in view of the large scale destruction and desolation of lives and property. And thisis better done through women who are largely responsible for managing homes and children. There is indeed the need for commitments of timely engagement in a quest to find solutions to looming dangers, by finding the way out of security breaches before they degenerate to calamitous situations. It is always better to nip a problem in the bud than allow it to obtrude itself. There is an urgent need to have a basic understanding of how the citizenry perceive and react to the issues of violence, constraints, possible solutions and assessments of what could be achieved through dialogue and cooperation.

METHODOLOGY:  The proposed conference aims at examining how to embrace preventive measures, rather than reactive options.  Particular attention will be paid to those exercising parental roles and general upbringing of the child, in consideration of the fact that it is possible for children that lack adequate parental care to be negatively influenced. It is to be noted that no amount of foreign interest or support would be adequate to substitute for indigenous engagement in finding solutions to problems of insurgency and general security breaches.  No solution can be more enduring than home-grown solutions. The role of the target audience, as envisioned in this proposal is the construction of new environments; in addition to spiritual bridges among people,  and strengthen the intellectual, cultural and communication linkages between our societies to advance development.

USEFULNESS TO NIGERIA & WEST AFRICA: The importance of Nigeria serving as host to the conference cannot be quantified as the forum would address problems and issues pertaining to security breaches in the continent’s most influential nation, regarded as the engine of the economy of West-Africa, a motivator of the African Union, a catalyst of African Renaissance; harbouring about 20 per cent of the population of Africa, and a nation with the largest market in the continent. The country is best suited to host such conference of monumental importance to Africa. For instance, Nigeria’s significant contributions to global peace, development, and political governance on the continent, make it important that the country should lead the way for other African nations to follow.  As the most populous country in Africa and the entire black world, Nigeria is perceived as the “giant” of Africa, and the potential leader of the black race. Nigeria’s economy constitutes 76 per cent of the economy of the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS. Nigeria also holds 30 per cent of the economy in sub-Saharan Africa and 21 per cent of Africa’s economy, and is the largest economy in Africa.

Outcomes of interactions would be useful to the three tiers of Government that are committed to promoting good governance, sound democratic culture, eradication of poverty, and collaboration for combating security breaches all over the world. The template of the conference would be used to proffer solutions to similar issues confronting other African nations, and indeed, all developing nations. Conclusions and compilation of proceedings at the conferences would also be made available to United Nations and its agencies, and multilateral organizations like the World Bank/IMF, the Commonwealth, and Regional and Sub-Regional bodies. The conclusions would promote a better understanding of the need to put in place reactive strategies, and particularly conscientious implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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