There is hardly an observer of global developments, who is not worried about security and political situations in Africa. Africa is noted as an arena of some of the most senseless and vicious conflicts. Our elders must come together for the sake of posterity. According to Judith Maxwell, ‘Social cohesion refers to the processes of building shared values and communities of interpretation, reducing disparities in wealth and income, and generally enabling people to have a sense that they are engaged in a common enterprise, facing shared challenges, and that they are members of the same community.


According to Confucius, parents (Biologically or spiritual) most times speak from a position of advantage; given the fact that they probably have seen it all, and have experienced what those younger than them have yet to experience. Confucius, a Chinese philosopher once posited that: “By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” This informs our posts and commitments to shaping or influencing human thoughts positively. Mass communication highlights the importance of credibility and believability. This strong factor is also put into consideration whenever we pick our contributors.

THE FAMILY VIEWED FROM THE PRISM OF THE UNITED NATIONS: A UNICEF Report states that:  ‘’The family is the fundamental social unit of all modern societies. We learn to communicate, to empathise, to compromise within these small, vital social structures. The importance of the family is reflected in national public policies, such as child allowances and paternity leave, which focus on family policies as a way to improve the living standards of future generations. Thus, families, and the national policies that support them, play an important role in national efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Former UN Secretary-General. in 2010 stated that “the very achievement of development goals depends on how well families are empowered to contribute to the achievement of those goals. ‘’Thus, policies focusing on improving the well-being of families are certain to benefit development.”

IMPORTANCE: The importance of our FAMILY VALUES CAMPAIGN is underscored by the fact that in several homes, youths are abused and children are indoctrinated into horrifying activities. ‘’An analogy is useful here.  ‘’If all adults who are criminals and law-breakers are eliminated today, what happens to millions of young ones already indoctrinated  through exposure to dysfunctional family structures, social marginalization, and poverty? The organisers, accordingly, contended that everyone in the society has some basic functions to perform and this role is so important that where parents and stakeholders are unable to perform efficiently and effectively, the society suffers tremendously.  It states grave concerns as economic inequality, cultural norms, access to guns, alcohol, illicit drugs, and other issues that promote delinquency.

THE WHOLE WORLD & THE NEED FOR INCREASED ATTENTION TO FAMILY VALUES  A study conducted by Prof. Bahira Sherif Trask, Chair, Human Development & Family Sciences, University of Delaware on The Role of Families and Family Policies in Achieving Inclusive Societies indicates as follows:

The implementation, success, and sustainability of SDGs 16 and 11 are greatly dependent on a family focused approach that takes into consideration the contexts within which decisions about laws, policies, and programmes are made. Isolated approaches that target individuals without consideration of the larger family environments in which they are embedded are destined to fail. It is thus, imperative that families in all their various forms, need to be recognized, targeted, strengthened, and supported.

  • SDG16 promoting peaceful and inclusive societies relies on families to create and raise the next generation of peaceful, stable citizens and productive workers. Encouraging positive child and youth development is a key component of this goal, as well as stabilizing family environments through strengthening family relationships and providing basic financial stability. The eradication of poverty is key to decreasing stressors on families.
  • 3 promoting the rule of law lays the foundation for peace. Regulatory frameworks that are based on a human rights approach, promote participation, take into account gender equality and protect marginalized groups. States have an obligation under the international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights that was adapted in 1966 to care for the social and economic welfare of their citizens. Children specifically have a legal right to family life.
  • 9 providing legal identity for all is a fundamental aspect of human rights. Proportionally, women and marginalized groups are less likely to have a legal identity and face more and higher barriers. Lack of legal identity hinders the ability to exercise civil and political rights and secure socio-economic benefits from the state. The displacement of over 65 million people as of the end of 2016 also creates serious challenges with respect to access to legal identities.
  • SDG 11.1 ensuring access for all to adequate safe and adequate housing and services is foundational for family life: having a decent home allows members to access education, health, and employment opportunities. Specifically, low-income families are affected by sub-standard housing. States need to regulate the runaway housing markets that are dominating the global rental and home ownership scene. Moreover, contemporary experiments in multi-generational living promise to re-center family life and are leading to successful outcomes for youth and the elderly.
  • SDG 11.3 enhancing participatory urbanization can only occur if representation from multiple constituencies, throughout society, work together. Inclusive societies take into account the special needs of women, and vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. Inclusion leads to the design of more functional urban spaces.
  • 7 providing access to safe and inclusive green spaces are keys for encouraging well-being. Recent research indicates that being able to access nature facilitates physical and mental health and connectedness to family, friends and home.

The 2030 Agenda is based on integration and an emphasis on a global compact focusing on universal participation, shared responsibility, and improved accountability. Sustainable development can only be carried out through a focus on families combined with participatory leadership, adherence to the rule of law, and a stronger role advocating for their citizens by states. Joint efforts by transnational, national, and local stakeholders will be the key to success.  (The Role of Families and Family Policies in Achieving Inclusive SocietiesFocus on Sustainable Development Goals 16 & 11:  Ensuring Social Rights through Legal Frameworks, Participation, Housing, and Public Green Spaces (Bahira Sherif Trask, Ph.D. et al; Professor & Chair Human Development & Family Sciences, University of Delaware)

 THE IMPORTANCE OF GENDER PARITY: The study quoted above asserts that:

  • Without addressing the relationships of men and women in families and the cultural norms and behaviours that so often influence these processes, we cannot make progress on the goals of gender equality and empowerment, and subsequently the various Sustainable Development Goals that are closely interrelated with these concepts.
  • Equality between women and men has been a doctrine that has been fundamental to international law since the adoption of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 1958) and gender equality has been foundational to an international discussion on women’s rights since the 1975 – 1985 UN Decade for Women. Although these initiatives and a specific Millennium Development focus on gender equality and gender mainstreaming, progress in this arena has been slow. The reasons for this lack of progress in Western and non-Western regions differ, and vary within societies.

 CONCERNED about the effect on multi-dimensional challenges of insecurity, criminal, and social vices globally, and its attendant effects on Nigeria and Africa,  TERRIFIC HEADLINES, a Strategic Integrated Communications outfit is running an advocacy activity designed to combat large-scale social and criminal vices and parental deficiencies in Nigeria. ’The key objective is to evolve radical changes in behavioural patterns across the strata of the society through moderation of attitudes to tackle social and criminal vices that have tormented the world in the past few years. The multi-pronged social media campaign is running on the network of our organ. Because the issue of Family Values is a critical determinant of development, we plan to expand this campaign

Tagged: FAMILY & COUPLES OF VIRTUES,  the media crusade commenced over three years ago on TERRIFIC HEADLINES & ASSOCIATE CHANNELS. It   focuses on an urgent intervention by stakeholders including parents, governments, organizations with parental responsibilities, and the civil society to in. The activity comes at a defining period when viable strategies of preventing vices like terrorism, avoidable conflicts and wars, illegal migration, prostitution, drugs peddling, armed robbery, rape, cybercrime, prostitution, and advance fees scams have become global concerns.  In deploying strategies to reform the society, the campaign places premium on adequate parental care and adopts preventive over reactive options to forestall incidents of children imbibing negative ways of life at impressionable ages. 

ENHANCING COLLABORATION AMONG STAKEHOLDERS  The project is designed as a rescue mission to transform and save our young ones from the influence of immorality and vices that used to be alien to our culture. The need for an urgent intervention is important in view of the fact that when a bad practice is continued over a period of time, it becomes the norm; hence the need for proactive measures to shape the conducts of the young ones in their formative years through adolescence. Government, parents and organizations with parental responsibilities are being sensitized to wake up to their responsibilities. Everyone in any society has some basic functions to perform. The roles of these bodies are so important that in situations where they are not able to perform efficiently and effectively, the society suffers tremendously.               

SOLUTIONS: Looking further for solutions, the campaign identifies women as pivots of family units with lots of influence that could help, while also utilizing ROLE MODELLING. Says the organizers: ‘’our mandate places very high premium on the need to create feelings of empathy. This aspect of the activity is to further encourage men and women alike, with responsibility for the training of children and wards and managing the home, to stand committed to the objective of joint responsibility for successes of couples in life and family units.’’ It warned that: ‘’unless adequate steps are taken, the global community may soon witness an unmanageable upsurge in social and criminal vices says Team Leader, Femi Adelegan.  The programme is all about peace and development, as. Nigeria has resources sufficient to move it to greatness. Also treated along is reorientation of the people to imbibe the culture of patriotism, hard work, and good governance in this critical, difficult and challenging world.

 ‘Having gained foothold in Nigeria, the organizers are fine-tuning plans to flood the rest of Africa with the campaign. The long term plan is to capture the whole of Africa, its Diaspora and the global community in view of the anticipated positive, obvious, and rational effects. More importantly, the campaign aligns with the United Nations SDGs 2030 agenda,  It also keys into the UN Agenda that designate Years 2015-2024 as the International Decade of People of African Descent; and the African Union Agenda 2063. ‘’Women have a huge role to play as pivots of family units.  We believe that peace-building is the responsibility of everyone.  A DEDICATED WEBSITE is in place for interaction and publishing of information on FAMILY VIRTUES & VALUES that also promotes interests of the female gender.  

The mandates of TERRIFIC HEADLINES cover, among others, economic development, Public/Private sector partnership, security consciousness, good governance, democracy, leadership; accountability, and rule of law, while also discouraging perpetration of social and criminal vices.  The initiator of the campaign, Femi Adelegan is author of notable publications on good governance and has had a long walk in the corridor of power in Nigeria. He is a time-tested information manager, author, writer, media entrepreneur, and bureaucrat whose technocratic instincts kept him within the precincts of power for several years.

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