HERE & THERE — Kayode Oladeji at large —Nigeria: From Froward To A Perfunctory Generation.

HERE & THERE — Kayode Oladeji at large —Nigeria: From Froward To A Perfunctory Generation.

HERE & THERE — Kayode Oladeji at large —Nigeria: From Froward To A Perfunctory Generation.

The piece below by Columnist Kayode Oladeji is in tandem with our social development campaign on FAMILY VALUES, a clarion call to inculcate rich values and virtues in the growing ones. CONCERNED about the effect on multi-dimensional challenges of insecurity, criminal, and social vices globally, and the attendant effects on Nigeria and Africa, the key objective is to evolve radical changes in behavioural patterns across the strata of the society through moderation of attitudes to tackle social and criminal vices that have tormented the world in the past few years.

Tagged: FAMILY & PARENTS OF VIRTUES, the media crusade focuses on an urgent intervention by stakeholders including parents, governments, organizations with parental responsibilities, and the civil society to in. The activity comes at a defining period when viable strategies of preventing vices like terrorism, avoidable conflicts and wars, illegal migration, prostitution, drugs peddling, armed robbery, rape, cybercrime, prostitution, and advance fees scams have become global concerns.  In deploying strategies to reform the society, the campaign places premium on adequate parental care and adopts preventive ov

Nigeria: From Froward To A Perfunctory Generation by Kayode Oladeji

Given the Coronavirus pandemic which has succeeded in bringing the world to its knees through the lockdowns here and there, there appears to be a momentary cessation in some nefarious activities such as kidnapping, armed robbery,banditry, ritual killings, and rape, among other societal ills, bedevilling our nation.

Different from all of the above, “Yahooing”, is in a class of its own in Nigeria.Yahoo is a term that has different lexical connotations. But in Nigeria, particularly among the youths, it has a punctured definition which could go for debauchery and savagery.

Putting this in national perspective, it’s a fact that everything is a phase in life. For Nigeria as a nation, after the phase of a Recycled Generation (those that have been managing our affairs before independence) that have held us down as a people, the next is the Get-Rich-Quick Generation otherwise called Yahoo Boys.

It’s like the Recycled Generation is handing over to a Slapdash Generation that is on a fast lane for zilch and seemingly heading to nowhere. This is because, shortcut in life often cuts life short. Which probably informs why many of them are now ending up abruptly and mysteriously too.

I recall that recently, before the , as I reclined in a barber’s shop somewhere in Ikeja, Lagos, waiting for my turn to have my haircut, some disheveled and gutter-looking guys, strolled in with sagged trousers. The moment they stepped in, the shop became “lively”, especially with the gists coming from them. It was on a Sunday evening and they severally narrated the fun they had on the preceding Friday at a particular night club.

I pretended not to be paying attention to all they were saying but, trust me, I was eavesdropping. It was a wide range of obscenity done at the club that they mouthed with gusto. As they reeled out their inanities, I was shaking my head. I didn’t need to be told, they were Yahoo Boys.


The following week when I had the opportunity to be at the same barber’s shop again, I asked the barber who the guys were. “Oga, those boys you saw the other day, are Yahoo boys. For them, it is virtually women and alcohol everyday; th

ey are everywhere in this neighborhood, Sir”, noted the barber.

While some of them are said to have become proficient in the Yahoo business to the extent of having apprentices which they now mentor, the “trade” is said to have different classes which include Yahoo Plus, among others. Hotels are mostly their “offices” where they hibernate for as long as they want. Some parents are said to even indulge their children in this act.

With the ways these Yahoo Boys splurge, mostly the upstarts, our society is ready for some troubles and heading for the precipice. This is because as they appear to lack every needed atom of moral rectitude and compass required to navigate to the desired port of life, they have made working hard and genuine means of livelihood, a crime.

Our youth are now, more than ever before, temerarious and valorous in savagery. They are increasingly and brazenly becoming aberrant. This generation appears eclipsed in immorality. How did we get to this point and how can we rescue the situation? How will they be manumitted from this entanglements?

Sadly, may be without knowing the implications, most of them are into occultism, armed robbery, kidnapping, internet fraud and all sorts, fake marriages to gullible foreign women, old enough to be their mothers, among others.

To them, satiety does not exist in the dictionary of life, let alone contentment. Thus, this always palpably makes one feel that the future of our society may be cimmerian. In the recent past, it was ladies’ pants that were in hot demands; sordid killings, mostly of young girls, for ritual purposes, equally flaring like a burning furnace.

Yes, voodoo practices are on the increase through unfathomable killings. Indeed, with these lots, the future of our nation is somber. This is due to the fact that the supposed leaders of tomorrow (the youths), have willingly refused to strategically position themselves for the unseen next day. Rather, they have largely taken to self-destruct through drugs, alcoholism, gangsterism, rituals, occultism, and fraud of different shades.

Recall that a 24-year old boy sometime ago killed his mother for money rituals and claimed he did it because of suffering. A 24-year old suffering? Please, what does he know about suffering? Such occurrences are not new; we read them in the dailies, everyday.

These are the horrendous and hideous things which they (the youths) do all in the quest to get rich quick. Life has lost its meaning as these young folks now kill freely without baiting an eye lid. Death has become too cheap; it has become what Yoruba would describe as, “meji eepini” (two for half a penny). What used to be taboos, have now become the fad being done with glee.

While we were growing up, what we used to hear, was “oogun owo” (money rituals) where “igba ose” (Calabash of Wealth) would be reportedly placed on a victim’s head through hypnotic and diabolical means. Unlike now, the society never celebrated those suspected to have “te e ni idi or da ogbon si” (wealth believed to be questionable). In fact, the society would not only look at them with askance, but would equally sneer at them and whatever they represented.

Again, those involved then, were very few. Unfortunately today, however, the modern version of the “oogun owo” (money ritual) is the yahoo nonsense. What baffles me is the fact that their spiritualists are mostly in tatters, living in squalor. How many of these boys are swimming in serious affluence? How many industries do they have around you?
Their features – clubbing, frolicking,sagging pants, wear dreadlocks or crazy cuts, tattered clothes ,tattooing,carrying expensive phones (if at all), laptops and cars. What a fiendish set?

The value they attach to

 life is near to nothing. They no longer sleep before they dream, their concerns are: wake, drink, frolic,engage in their routinely internet fraud ,bet and club at night where they “gbe posi “(“casket” containing exotic drinks) whose cost ranges from #250,000 upward.

Their quest for education is fast being thrown to the background. They forget it is an investment for the future.There is high incidence of exam malpractices which,in turn, is giving birth to half baked graduates. Safe for slangs, majority of them can hardly speak or write simple and correct English language. Worse still, many of them can not intellectually defend courses they are either studying now or have graduated with.Any wonder Certificate scandals are now the order of the day?

The future, which this generation is picturing to feature in, is alarmingly dreary; a sagging and languorous generation which is pecuniary and drug driven.

Unfortunately, these boys are everywhere! Our musicians, especially the rappers, are in one way or another through lewd lyrics, encouraging them. Most tertiary institutions and hotels, have readily become their havens.

But do we really blame these young lads? Most of them have graduated without anything to do and right in their presence, elected leaders steal and flaunt their ill-gotten with impunity.

Someone you have been calling the Young Shall Grow and Leaders of Tomorrow of about 37years of age, is still unemployed and is being catered for by his parents who struggled through thick and thin for him/her to be educated; why won’t such guy look for means to survive by all means?

Our system and those in charge who have mostly been in power corridors, do not take care of these youths and their parents. They are only remembered with pittance during electioneering campaigns when they are mostly used as thugs to disrupt electoral processes for their own (leaders’) gains.

The prayer often said is that may one never eat or beg to eat from one’s enemy(ies), yet, friend(s) has (have) refused to come to one’s rescue. After all, by whatever means, man must feed. Even then, “No man is justified in doing evil on the ground of expediency” as Theodore Roosevelt would say. As such, this is a cul-de-sac of sort and a serious junction of decision, especially for the current generation of Nigerians!

Where do we go from here? May God save us.


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