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OUR GOAL: We are committed to the provision of formidable, excellent, highly competitive and functional professional services that include collaborative cooperation and linkages with willing investors seeking participation in the economic development of Nigeria, and foreign nations seeking investors in Nigeria. We also act as agents of ambitious organizations that are poised to shoot into prominence by breaking new grounds. Thus, we offer our expertise and cooperation in diverse areas.

OUR COMMITMENT: We are committed to the provision of professional consultancy/advisory services/linkages/businessfacilitation/partnerships/ collaboration and related business activities for foreign investors and their Nigerian counterparts.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Evidently, the whole world is in a defining period, given several sordid occurrences that are obtruding themselves, particularly issues dealing with family values and collaboration of husband and wife to raise their children and wards properly at this period, when modernization has brought along with it the erosion of our values, cultures, and traditions. In the past few years following global economic turndown and terrorism that know no boundaries, nations of the world are taking precautionary measures in order to be able to cope with the requirements of the emerging times.  There is widespread moral decadence that has eaten into the very fabrics of the society. And regrettably, this issue is not limited to youths alone; but also some renegades who have reached ages of maturity.

In order for any society to progress, parents and adults must live virtuous lives that will promote love and enhance enviable family values. In particular, parents must build good families as microcosms of the society, with couples being the moral compass to ensure that there is unity, commitment, and indissolubility in marriage, in order to keep the family together. Family values are being threatened as a result of foreign influences, under the guise of modernization. Social vices have bred false lifestyles and terrorism, which are conceived as modernization. Effective monitoring and strict parental guidance are required in the growth, development and success of children and wards. The effect of the invasion of the airwaves by the foreign media has resulted in grave problems such as armed robberies, violence, and other wrong attitudes

MAJOR CONSIDERATIONS FOR ACTION: Three broad segments of society are responsible for the proper growth of the young ones. If the correct statistics are taken, it would be revealed that only a fraction of parents pay particular attention to the development of their children. Additionally, only a few organizations with parental responsibilities, like institutions of learning, religious bodies, civil society, and philanthropists pay adequate attention to youth development.

  • The government itself that has the duty of creating an enabling environment must do more for the society to develop fully.
  • There must be changes in the attitudes of all about family values that largely dictate how a society develops and this is where the private sector comes in.  The concerns are, but are not limited to the following:
  • The civil society and civil society organizations including the media that shape opinions must take an active part in forcing policy formulators and those who implement policies to sustain the mission and vision of the society/organization, the recipe lies in following the established procedures laid out for management for attainment of results.
  • Issues that demand answers include if organizations with parental responsibilities pay adequate attention to their students’ development; proactive


  • It is the responsibility of couples/parents/spouses; organizations with parental responsibilities & Government to anticipate and prevent occurrences that derail family units.
  • It is better for damage not to occur at all than to go into crisis management.
  • The reactive approach is more costly in terms of damages done, more expensive in terms of finances injected, and takes a long while for the crises to be combated successfully.
  • Creating personal interest in the welfare of the target audience in the society would go a long way in solidifying relationships, and eventually promote societal growth


  • We are convinced that Nigerians generally, including citizens in all strata of the society, particularly family units, need to be mobilized for development.
  • Sensitize and educate the target audience on family values and responsibilities
  • A new attitude and a new orientation are required for sustainable growth and development.
  • We believe that every reasonable person must be socially responsible. Therefore, society must collaborate to curtail criminal and social vices.
  • Help parents and organizations with parental responsibilities to play their parts well.



It is believed that women, as pivots of family units are better placed to lead the campaign against social vices and security breaches; and how to arrest the trend. The event would further encourage men and women alike, with responsibility for the training of children and wards and managing the home, to stand committed to the objective of joint responsibility for successes of couples in life.

  • Organizations with Parental Responsibilities – including places of worship, educational institutions
  • Youths generally in tertiary institutions who constitute the most vulnerable segment of the society
  • Non Governmental Organizations with responsibility for youths and women development
  • Nigeria’s Missions Abroad
  • The Nigerian Diaspora
  • Women Groups and Organizations

TERRIFIC HEADLINES takes cognizance of the following:

  • There is the need for urgent intervention in family values and virtues, in view of the fact that when a bad practice is continued over a period of time, it becomes the norm; hence the need for proactive measures to shape the conducts of the young ones in their formative years through adolescence.
  • Because the younger ones must trust and respect their parents and parental organizations, they emulate them and internalize their ideals. Nothing comes easy. Parents must plan, pray and be resolute to be able to keep a happy family.


The problem is that youths now look for the easiest way to make money. It is also very sad to note that several people commit innocent mistakes by aiding and supporting social and criminal and social vices without knowing that they are really doing so.

  • Combating moral decadence and parents’ insensitivity to their responsibilities as spouses has become imperative. This is partly due to the invasion of the airwaves of the developing world by foreign cable media stations. The consequent effect of the younger generation imbibing the cultures and values of the West is now pronounced. The situation has assumed frightening dimensions of erosion of cultural values in the Third World.
  • Inadequate attention to these social ills could prove too costly for the general populace and the society, which may witness catastrophic occurrences; or at least, major dislocations and disruptions to development and putting the future in jeopardy. Accordingly, the following are the guiding principles.


In consideration of the fact that the quality of today’s children would naturally determine society’s future, it is important for  Government, parents, and organizations with parental responsibilities that have not lived up to expectations to take positive steps to improve on their obligations. Everyone in any society has some basic functions to perform. The roles of these three bodies are so important that in situations where they are not able to perform efficiently and effectively, the society suffers tremendously. When people talk about successful societies, they must not forget that good family background and spousal relationships are considerable influences of successes that they enjoy today.

  • Highlight precautionary measures as the primary goal; with reactive options as added secondary measures
  • It highlights the need for youths to understand in practical terms that their future and that of the nation are in their hands; and therefore, prepare themselves for participation in national development.
  • Treat options available for development individually, collectively and corporately
  • Encourage the provision of alternatives such as participation in the creative and agriculture sub-sectors, among others, in order to be productive
  • Preach Good Governance and social responsibility on the part of the citizenry
  • Treat issues pertaining to collaboration with Governments and their agencies with regard to the development of Nigeria


  • The major objective is to promote the feelings of empathy through public enlightenment by highlighting how these prominent and respected Nigerians have attained greatness and have kept happy families.
  • In every situation, choosing the right strategy to solve problems requires wisdom and experience. It is essentially the duty of the media practitioner to evolve policies directed at promoting discourse so that the various peoples of the world could understand better, the products being marketed; as well as each others’ feelings on issues and events; and their likes and dislikes. In this way, the media is able to regulate the conduct of the citizenry particularly the relationship of one individual to the other and more importantly, among the various nations of the world.Our approach will be to encourage parents, organizations with parental responsibilities, and government to pay greater attention to FAMILY VALUES


  • In realization of the need to reach, all Nigerians, our BLOG has been constructed to automatically translate our posts into three major Nigerian languages of: YORUBA, IGBO and HAUSA languages.The Blog/Website also in the same way translate  our posts into several foreign languages.
  • It has come to appreciated that it is better to anticipate and nip in the bud the prospective problem than to start managing problems.

DEDICATED WEBSITE is in place for interaction and publishing of information on FAMILY VIRTUES & VALUES. It is an all year round activity; designed to contributing to local and global efforts to build families and encourage women emancipation.

Because we are read all over the world, particularly by Nigerian & African Diaspora, we have a very wide reach and are able to moderate opinions and conducts of the populace.



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AT TERRIFIC INVESTMENT & CONSULTING (TI&C), we construct and sustain formidable functional and collaborative cooperation with individuals and corporate organizations that seek our services. Thus, we offer our expertise and cooperation. Terrific Investments & Consulting has its base in Nigeria, the most populous African nation in the world with an estimated population of 200 million. Nigeria is the largest country in Africa and has one-sixth of the population of black people in the world.  It is highly remarkable that the country is endowed with the basic human capital required to drive real growth and development.

OUR EXPERTISE: TERRIFIC HEADLINES is an online information outfit that is an arm of TERRIFIC INVESTMENT & CONSULTING (TI&C) a Nigerian firm based in Abuja, capital city of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is a limited liability company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, Nigeria. It is also registered by the Nigerian Exports Promotions Council and has the mandate to carry out export and import business activities. Members of our team have demonstrable experiences in the under-listed areas in which they have been able to acquire a rich blend of knowledge and maturity.

TERRIFIC HEADLINES is an arm of TERRIFIC INVESTMENT & CONSULTING. It is an online news organization that features highly educative, entertaining and insightful issues and events. Its parent organization is TERRIFIC INVESTMENT & CONSULTING LTD.  Our operational policy is to operate as a non-political organization, and are, therefore, conscious of our responsibility of ensuring fairness, justice, and ethical responsibility. We identify and promote conscientious commentators, creative counsellors, and sincere intellectual advocates of change. However, we do not entertain the following:

  • Hate speeches & pronouncements
  • Issues that could threaten national stability and cohesion
  • Venomous actions and pronouncements
  • Libelous statements and publications


  • The need to promote socio-economic and political development
  • Linkages with the international community
  • Governance is one of the hardest of tasks; hence the need to avoid hasty and ill-informed commentaries
  • We entertain only issue-based discussions based on merit, patriotism, fair play and justice
  • Our efforts are chiefly directed at influencing the citizenry for improvements and better standards of living and conducts, through sensitization and advocacy activities

COMPETENCIES We are committed to the provision of formidable, excellent, highly competitive, and functional professional services that include collaborative cooperation and linkages with willing investors seeking participation in the economic development of Nigeria, and foreign nations seeking investors in Nigeria. We also act as agents of ambitious organizations that are poised to shoot into prominence by breaking new grounds. Thus, we offer our expertise and cooperation in diverse areas.

WHAT WE STAND FOR —  PROMOTION OF  SOCIO-ECONOMIC & POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT: We feature a series of educative, entertaining and socio-political and economic developments directed at inviting attention and influencing positive developments

  • Our Blog, website and other social media communication channels are designed to promote the following key issues:
  • Promote Economic Development and Public/Private Sector collaboration for Development, and particularly preference for home-made products
  • Market Nigeria to the international community as the foremost investments destination in Africa
  • Promote Trade & Investment, particularly homemade products
  • Promote Human Capital Development through Creativity, Innovation, Job Creation & Social Investments
  • Promote Good Governance, Democracy, Accountability, Transparency, and Democratic Ideals
  • Discourage perpetration of social and criminal vices
  • Encourage Nigerians in the Diaspora to be further involved and contribute more to national development
  • Promote Security Consciousness

WE ENSURE THAT: Our publications that are of international standards are always in good faith, and for future generations, in recognition of virtues and values that are worth reading and recording for posterity. Therefore, we sensitize Nigerians on economic and political issues. We also sensitize the citizenry on their rights, privileges and obligations and to also the citizenry embrace the following:

  • Participate in the economic development of Nigeria
  • Care more about democracy, elect only credible candidates & influence Good Governance
  • Encourage Nigerians to shun ostentatious lifestyles
  • Encourage Nigerians to engage in philanthropy
  • Provide feedback between the government and the governed

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