It is tragic that the values of the society over the past few decades all over the world cannot be said to be encouraging. Our progenitors brought us up to cherish Family Values that are being abandoned for lifesyles that are alien to us and the younger generation. Here lies the very salient factor that has produced armed robbers and crooks in a nation that places great premium on family values, morality and good name. We are concerned and we believe there are remedies.

The major remedy is for women to arise as pivots of FAMILY UNITS to work to redefine our values and vritues. Therefore, our fundamental commitment is to the sustenance of our moral and social values. We believe that even if security agencies exterminate all insurgents today, others being raised on faulty platforms will eventually show up if we don’t tacked the problem from the roots. We know the professional way of handling this matter and would be pleased to work with you to achieve this noble objective.

We are a firm of reputable consultants in diverse fields. We wish to most respectfully offer our professional services for the implementation of a Strategic Campaign plan designed to curtail terrorism and all sorts of violent crimes that were hitherto alien to our society, but have crept into the system as a result of both negative local and foreign influences. Our Team Leader is vastly experienced in governance and governance procedures, and is also backed by a wide experience in Information Management and Strategic Communication.

The major thrust of this activity is to influence the target audience through a specially constructed campaign plan that is designed to foster attitudinal changes on the part of all involved in training the younger generation through the campaign under reference. In particular, parents and organizations involved in providing parental responsibilities, as well as governments form part of the key groups that would be sensitized to play proper roles in taking Nigeria and the younger generation to the ‘Next Level’. This noble objective conforms to the very pertinent issues raised in the attached proposal as a unique and innovative idea that seeks to educate the citizenry to play greater premium to preventive, over and above reactive options.

Basically, this noble idea is unique and innovative, and is designed to raise the bar of Public Advocacy/Enlightenment Campaign directed at preventing the growing ones from enrolling in nefarious and reprehensible conducts through a multipronged campaign. The ideas being proposed in this concept paper deal with the need to prevent and deal with those issues under reference. Nigerian Women have been named ‘’THE HIDDEN RESOURCES OF NIGERIA’’ in a Report sponsored by the  the British government. We have researched into issues pertaining to women and family values and would be pleased to collaborate with your committee to handle this assignment given the dominant role women must play in this CRUSADE.

The ideas contained in the activity under reference are designed to combat criminal and vices, largely utilizing FAMILY UNITS and VALUES to prevent youths from going into criminal acts and corruption in all forms, through some major goals, including fostering the values of harmonious coexistence and goodwill through designed communicative strategies.

We are involved in engaging the target audience identified in this proposal in Advocacy/Sensitization campaigns on preventive strategies and moral restoration through increased attention of those exerting parental responsibilities at this period in world history, when so many social vices are threatening continued human existence.

All those who seek for changes through collaboration by stakeholders through our Staretegic Plan of Action are welcome on board. Please feel free to write or contact us at the addresses set out below for additional information. We are indeed pleased to have you create a sustained interest in this activity.


Team Leader,,,,

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